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Your Trusted Partner in Dance for More Than 50 Years

Weissman Costume Designs

Weissman is pleased to provide you with the most innovative and affordable costume and dancewear designs for a successful performance season.

Your passion fuels our commitment to you, which is why we strive to provide the best value, quality and price.

The trust in our company has been shared by so many through the years, and we would like to give a special thanks to all our dedicated dance professionals and instructors who have inspired their dancers' dreams while helping us to become who we are today, a leading retailer in costumes and dancewear.

The inspiration you give your dance students is a gift to be celebrated! We are honored to be a part of the lives of so many you have touched. Servicing your business with speed, efficiency, care and respect is our mission.

Together we can inspire the next generation of dancers – and each other. You'll find we have everything you need to get your dancers center-stage ready.

Our Costumes Inspired by YOU!

This season, our design team developed a costume collection based on your feedback. Every color, silhouette and detail was created with you in mind. Our 2015 Costume Portfolio features everything you need, from beloved classic styles to our latest must-have designs.

Our design experts have incorporated brilliant colors for fresh appeal. This season’s palette includes rich, jewel tones for fashionable, regal-inspired looks and bold, vibrant hues to capture audience attention.

Fabrics and forms have been carefully selected and developed based on how your dancers move. Tulle, lace, neoprene and hologram materials have been molded into memorable performance pieces that enhance your choreography.

Attention to detail is in every design. Intricate beading and embroidery elevate your traditional ballerina with elegance and beauty. Dazzling sequins and exciting metallics electrify and energize your tap, jazz and hip-hop routines.

We are excited to introduce our Character designs – for the first time! This special collection includes international and iconic costumes for your theatrical performances. These styles feature the same superior craftsmanship you already recognize and have come to expect from us.

As you explore the entire collection, you will notice additional colors and fabrics for our Men and Boys section. And our accessories include new items to add that extra-special finishing touch.

From your future stars to your seasoned performers, Weissman has the costumes you want for your recital season. Shop our full costume collection today for the sizes you need at the best possible prices.

Weissman Costume Designs

Beautifully Crafted Costumes

Our 2015 Costume Portfolio is built on quality, artistry and precision – the same as it has been for over 50 years. We have traveled the world to bring you the latest in fabrics, colors, accents and more. When you are ready, we will be here to help you create breath-taking performances.

You can count on top quality and our affordable prices are some of the most competitive in the costume industry. Plus, many of our costumes and dancewear are made in the USA. This allows us to respond to your needs by replenishing important styles quickly while supporting the local economy in the process.

Weissman Costume Designs

We Treat our Customers as Family & Friends

At Weissman, our mission is to serve our customers with the utmost respect, care, and concern that best reflects our dedication and dependability as a company.

Customer satisfaction is one of our top goals. We offer personal assistance to ensure that our customers find what they need and that problems are solved in a timely manner.

The relationships we develop with our customers continue year after year and are a result of meeting and exceeding their expectations.

In an effort to build and maintain our customers’ loyalty, we work hard to deliver:

  • Exceptional Personal Assistance
  • Dedicated and Professionally Trained Staff
  • Support and Dependability
  • Valuable and Lasting Relationships

We love hearing from you!
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Shop Online & See How Our Costumes Move

Our website includes every style from our 2015 Costume Portfolio and our customized Style Browser allows you to shop 24/7 when and where it’s convenient for you!

Watch our costumes come to life in brilliant motion with our unique Style Browser. See the fabrics move to get a better idea of how the costumes will look on your dancers and under the stage lights.

You’ll find easy navigation, sorting and a shopping bag that saves your costumes and allows you to share ideas with teachers and parents. Large detailed photographs with multiple alternative views (including backs of each costume) make decisions a breeze.

Let our shopping cart do all the calculations for you (including your volume discount savings) for fast, easy and accurate ordering. And to top it off, our “My Account” section with order history and tracking gives you peace of mind. Be sure to take advantage of free shipping on all online orders over $200 when you order online*!

*Free ground shipping applies to all points within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada Ground.

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